Clearing Service

Need help getting an investment property ready?

Cleaning / Clearing Service

Often times when purchasing a new investment property there is a tremendous amount of trash and debris at the property. This is a low level work that needs to get done and it needs to get done right away. Sometimes the properties are foreclosures, or tenants and owners neglected the property. Some of the properties have a ton of overgrown vegetation on the outside. We can clean out all of the vegetation, and trash so that the first phase of the asset stabilization period is complete. We have a team of workers that are specifically geared towards clearing out properties so that rehabbers, and workers can being actually working on the property. We usually rent a trailer in order to gather all the stuff, and then bring the trailer to the dump in order to dispose of all of the waste.

Call us and let us know the general situation with the property. We will have someone drive by the property and take a look and get an idea of the extent of the job. We will give you a rough estimate with the hauling and waste fees included.

This service is only offered in Hillsborough County Florida.

This is the back yard of the same property. Before and After.