Interested in selling your Home for Cash?

You have most likely seen companies and advertisements out there "We will pay cash for your house", "We will buy a house in and condition!". These types of companies are generally not licensed and do not have to abide by any particular code of ethics. There are sometimes legitimate reasons why someone may want to sell their house cash. There may also be some reasons that you do not want to actually list the property on the MLS. For example, if it is a rental property with tenants, listing the property on the MLS could be troublesome for the current occupents. If the property needs major repairs such as a new roof, it will not likely pass an inspection required for a buyer with financing to go through. If the property has backed taxes or other liens associated with it, a cash offer might be the only escape from the property. Having a buyers financing fall through due to bank guidelines and restrictions can be a massive waste of time and money. If you believe you property is in a position in which you would prefer a cash offer as opposed to a traditional sale, we can help you. We work with cash investors and people who have the type of funds to make these types of offers and deals happen. We will attempt to get you the best possible price for you based on the situation.