Foreclosure Auction Services

Buying properties at auction can be profitable & risky. Don't bid alone.

Introduction to Hillsborough Auctions

Florida is considered a judicial state. This means that when a property goes into the foreclosure process the home is put through a process in which it will go through the court system. Once on the end of that journey, the County will put the property up for auction on an online platform called Hillsborough Auctions. Anyone can bid on these properties through this third party website.

More about Auctions

When you are bidding, they require a 5% deposit which must be made a head of time. If you bid on a property and walk away, you cannot get the 5% back. You cannot enter the property. It is entirely possible that the property you purchase could have additional liens, and or the title could have imperfections. These are major concerns that you want to investigate before bidding on a property. With the proper research and know how, it is possible to acquire deals at auction.

Why are we Better at Analyzing Auctions?

Over the past 5 years we have created a platform that specializes in analyzing and gathering auction foreclosure data.
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Completely responsive

Works in all browsers and all devices, including complex map and search functions.

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Title Searches

In depth title searches before and after the auction to ensure markeable title on the subject property.

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Get Email Updates

Huge amount of functionality. Get Email updates of new foreclosure auctions etc.

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Deep Analysis

Flag the properties you are most interested in and get all of the required information about them in one place.

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Full sets of data

We gather additional property information for each auction such as beds, baths, sqft, and hundreds of other data points.

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Auctions Mapped

You can search and view auctions by a map view, something only available on our website.

Services we Offer

With the help of we can help you define your search criteria, target properties. Help you research the target properties. Property scout the properties, physically visit the properties and take photos. Title research the properties and make sure the property has marketable title. Understand and research if there are any liens on the property. Assess the properties current as is value and condition. Assess the after rehab value of the property. Help understand the bidding process. Help acquire the property, gain entrance and secure the asset.

Areas we cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to lose money with an auction deal?

It is absolutely possible. Auctions are considered one of the riskiest methods of acquiring properties. You can generally never get inside of the property. You truly want to make sure that you know what you are bidding on when bidding on auctions.

Q. How many auctions generally come up for sale in a day?

Each county is different based on its population and foreclosure rate. Hillsborough county, has about 10-20 auctions a day, most of which tend to get cancelled by the County.

Q. Are second mortgages and HOA Liens also auctioned?

Yes! in Florida, an HOA is capable of foreclosing on a property before the holder of the first mortgage forecloses on the property. The HOA foreclosure is usually pretty obvious because it will be around $5,000 - $25,000 as opposed to a mortgage which is generally much more. Bidding on an HOA foreclosure and winning will not necessarily get you control of the property.

Q. Is AuctionTumbler used to bid on auctions?

Not exactly. All bidding is still done through the Realforeclose county website. Auctiontumbler acts as a tool to do the proper research in order to succeed at buying at auctions.